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Question strange behavior with WD My Book Pro 250gb

I am currently using SD! with a Western Digital 250gb triple interface external drive. I love the drive and SD! but I've noticed some odd behavior.

After every time that SD! runs (which is nightly for me), the drive seems to have nearly constant drive activity. The My Book drive (as some of you may know) has an LED capacity gauge/activity indicator on the front. Even know, at least 4 hours after my backup finished, the drive is still showing constant activity.

I can always stop this by unmounting or ejecting the drive and then remounting it, but that's not a good solution. I'd like to figure out what is really happening any why.

I had this same issue on my old aluminum powerbook as well as on my macbook pro. Both times I used the FW800 interface to back up.

Any ideas?
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