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Smart Update copying files that haven't been changed?

I just started using SuperDuper and have a quick question.

I have 2 500 gig Lacie external drives that are nearly full up with music/photos/tv shows etc. I just want to backup from one to the other. I first ran an "erase and backup" from the source to the destination. That worked fine and all files were copied. As a test, I immediately started a "smart update" to see how fast it would be. At this point, NO FILES HAD CHANGED. I am only 1/3 of the way through the smart update, it has taken 1 hour and SD is saying that it has copied 30.45 GB of the 142 GB that it has checked that were not up to date.

Is this only because it's the first time I've run smart update?

Seems like something is wrong, any ideas?

Powerbook g4
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