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Unhappy macbook cannot wake up from sleep after restoring from clone

I just got a brand new Macbook Black 2.2ghz (core 2 duo) to replace a Macbook black 2.0ghz (core duo). I cloned the older macbook's hd to the newer macbook, restarted, and everything seemed to work ok (OS 10.5.2 installed).

However, when I put my computer to sleep for more than a minute or 2 at a time, when I wake it back up the computer is frozen. I can move the mouse, but cannot click on anything. The screen will stay lit even if I close the lid again, and I must manually reboot. I have contacted Apple support and they told me to reset the PMU and PRAM (first by taking the battery out and holding power for 6 seconds, and then starting up the computer with command-option-P-R held down and waiting for the 2nd chime). I have also tried disconnected all peripherals. The problem still happens.

I am wondering if some kind of sleep-related file may be causing this from the migration from the old Macbook. Help please? Thank you!

Using SD 2.5v84 for the close and restore.

FYI - I used the "Backup - all files" action, as opposed to the "Restore - all files" action when restoring my HD, as that is what it says to do in the manual (the manual actually makes no mention of the restore script). Not sure if that plays into it at all, or what the different between the two is...

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