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I am using this as a learning opportunity, since that's one of my reasons for switching to the Mac anyway. (I'm also switching friends and relatives, and I want to get them using SuperDuper so I want to understand what to tell them about it.)

So here's another peripherally related question, if you don't mind.

Last night right after my posts I went ahead and installed Tiger fresh on my Macintosh HD drive, since it was erased anyway. (I wanted to see how the permissions looked, etc.) And I did the software updates. If I go ahead and use Migration Assistant to get my stuff back over from Sandbox, I think I will have two virtually identical Tiger partitions. What will the differences be?

I realize I could skip this and clone back the rest, now that I know the trick. I'm just wanting to know if there is much difference in the outcome, e.g. saving me steps after I migrate. Migrate won't move everything, and neither will Sandbox. Are those lists the same?

Thanks again!

SuperDuper! is great, by the way. Other than this permissions surprise it has been slick as a whistle. I am embarrassed I didn't see the FAQ entry. I thought I had looked. Obviously I didn't, or I was more tired than I thought.
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