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Originally Posted by themarkus View Post
I did do some research on archiving hard drives, but found little information about the best way of doing this. I am also not sure if there are problems created when mac programs clone windows disks. I am appreciative of any advice. Thanks in advance for your help.
hey Markus -- I have a somewhat similar situation w/accumulated drives over the years -- makes me wonder if some of the forensic hard drive recovery software or the device by that completely clones drives (and has the option to lock them I think) is what's needed. have you checked those -- expensive however from what i recall.

although I do remember recently reading an article ( kbase maybe? the location of that article is just a sliver of a memory ) re: locking a drive thru a terminal command before running recovery or cloning -- which makes complete sense to me especially since I have one or two of the bricked seagate 1TB drives

and don't know what's out there in opensource land but I would be extremely cautious on a project like this due to legacy problems, etc. for sure never use a stuffit product since they don't support opening files archived or compressed with their own early versions.

if you ever determine what works, would appreciate a head's up. and vice versa altho it's not at the top of my priority list, hafta admit but if I do I will post here/send pm.

good luck !

ps: sometimes has some great resources especially re: drives & mac related upgrades w/ user details and comments in their databases. it would be good place for superduper to advertise

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