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Question Advice on 2-stage backup to offsite storage.

I am looking for some advice on setting up a second-stage backup to offsite storage. The first stage consists of SuperDuper smart-updating a sparse image stored on a file server down the hall every 24 hours. This is the easy part - works great, auto-mounts, really fast. Nice.

Where I am running into trouble is how do I get the contents of that disk image from my local server to a remote server I have access to. I was originally planning to use Retrospect for this because I need to keep 30 days worth of revisions and (correct me if I'm wrong) SuperDuper always overwrites older versions of a file with the latest. However, Retrospect wants to re-back up the entire image file each time SD updates one little file on it, so I end up with 30 copies of everything, not just the files that have been modified. This is a massive waste of storage space, not to mention it takes days to transfer the image over the slow WAN connection.

If I use SuperDuper for the second stage then I can get the smart update to just take the modified files, but then I dont get my 30 revisions unless I make 30 images on the remote server and back up to a different one each day, and as I said earlier, I just dont have that kind of storage space.

I cant have SD make a second backup directly to the offsite server because there are firewall & changing ip address issues.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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