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Scheduled backup problem

My scheduled backup was working without any problem (daily smartupdate of User Folder to backup partition on external firewire drive) until I updated my internal hard drive to OSX 10.4.4 and then made a new Safety Clone (now called Sandbox) on 1/20/06. Sandbox is my startup volume. When I checked the scheduled backup log today, I found that the last backup had been performed on 1/19/06, prior to recloning Sandbox from the updated internal hard drive. I guess this means that the schedule script is kept on the startup volume (Sandbox in my case) and when I recloned the newly updated internal hard drive to Sandbox, the schedule script disappeared.

If my interpretation is correct, you might want to add this fact to the documentation, i.e., after recloning Sandbox it is necessary to reschedule the backup.

Is this correct?
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