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Can SuperDuper just copy/install...

I have installed a fresh copy of Snow Leopard to an external FireWire drive because the previous Snow Leopard on this drive started to crash my desktop/screen saver My Living Desktop. I tried removing and re-installing My Living Desktop and also doing the permissions thing with no luck. Based on those crash reports the programmer of My Living Desktop suggested i re-install Snow Leopard. After re-installing Snow Leopard to the external FireWire drive all is well with My Living Desktop screen saver.

I am also having the same crash issues with My Living Desktop in my main hard drive of my Intel Mac late 2009 edition with the OS Snow Leopard.

Sorry but I don't know enough about your program: can Super Duper copy just the apple stuff from the external FireWire Drive to the main hard drive of the Intel Mac and not touch any applications on both drives ?

If so how do I set that up please ?

I should note for those that are not aware that the Snow Leopard installer can no longer do an archival installation. For some reason Apple has removed that feature in Snow Leopard. It's all or nothing installation.
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