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"If a significant failure is occurring, steps should be taken to concentrate on recovering your user files, rather than trying to copy the whole drive."

SD should check WHAT the backup was. IF it was a USER backup it obviously need not worry about this issue. All it needs to do ignore errors and continue. (What if there is only one error -- and it is in your first file.) The log provides the user information on what was NOT copied.

If it is a slowly failing drive -- stop and diagnose is silly when there is nothing that a user can do to fix the problem. All one can do is get as many of their USER files backed-up immediately. SD quits exactly when one needs it most!

What I did was manually copy USER files (skipping much of Library) to my NAS. It took days -- because of "file naming" issues -- to do what SD was minutes away from completing.

Please, at least give the user the option of ignoring errors.

Since I have no idea how many non-user files could lie in problem areas -- am I correct that I must replace the drive and lose all applications. I know of no way to "fix" a drive. Smart Reporter claims nothing is wrong!

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