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cloned mbp to mac pro - safe mode only.

HI Everyone,
Hoping that some of you might know a better solution than reformat for this one since i have been pulling my hair for hours try to fix this issue with no luck.

I have cloned my macbook pro 17" santa rosa hard drive to a Mac Pro (2X Xeon) with a X1900 XT video card.

Everything went well until i get to the login screen and the video card drivers are loaded at which point everything get scrambled and I can't view anything other than random pixels.....

I'm assuming is because the MBP is using a Nvidia 8600GS video card and the Macpro is using a ATI X1900 XT.

I can boot in safe mode and login in the Macpro easily and view and use almost everything , however i can see the Quartz extreme is not enabled.

Do you know if it can be fixed with some terminal magic or I better off reformat?

Thank you for any advise in advance.

Take care,

I can
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