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SD's "sleep computer" while EyeTV running?

Recently encountered a minor annoyance: I usually have SD perform its backups in the middle of the night. The Mac is set to wake up in time for this. After SD is finished, it puts the Mac back to sleep and all is well -- usually. Sometimes EyeTV is recording a program at the same time as SD is running though. When SD finishes and sleeps the computer, it ignores the fact that EyeTV is recording... At the very least this causes EyeTV to crash (not too badly, but ruins the recording at least). Occasionally, the crash is worse than that.

I guess the fact that the Mac will try to go to sleep while EyeTV is recording says something about the Mac incorrectly "thinking" it's not doing anything during the recording -- even though it really is.

Is there a way to have SD check if EyeTV is recording, and if so to NOT attempt to sleep the Mac when it finishes the backup? I'm guessing it's not easy, but I just thought I'd ask.
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