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questions about copying of very large (32GB) file

I run a Parallels VM with a virtual drive that lives as a single very large (currently 32GB) file on my hard drive. SD appears to stall for a long time in the middle of a Smart Backup (files evaluated, effective copy speed, etc. statistics stop changing), and I suspect that it's just copying that very large file.

I have a few questions about that:

If anything changes in a file, does SD copy over the entire file or just the changed bits? If so, has any thought been given to implementing the latter? If would significantly improve performance in my use case, since much of the stuff on my virtual drive doesn't change between backups.

Or, if that's not practical or feasible, might stats be made available during the copying of a large file (f.e. the name of the file and how much has been copied) to stop me from fretting about SD's state?

Finally, if I run SD while I'm using my virtual machine, what'll happen when SD reaches that file? Will it lock it for copying, freezing my VM; stall waiting for my VM to finish with it; or copy it concurrently, potentially leaving the backup in an inconsistent state?
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