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When you say "try refreshing" the hard drive several times, since I am new to the whole firewire hard drive scheme, I am not sure what refreshing entails, but I assume it means ejecting the drive, then turning it off on the drive, and turning it back on? I gave that a whirl as well as trying three different firewire cables to no avail.

You also note that I ought to try to "turn off journaling" in disk utility, I've got disk utility open right now and I can not see any way to do so with the clones I have made. Do you mean back up my computer once again with superduper, and when making a new clone, set the journaling off?

Lastly, I did not realize there were some 2006 LaCie firewire hard drives that did not work for some people.

dnanian wrote: Both of these are why we generally don't recommend them, even though they're cheap -- we prefer the d2/d3 "aluminum" drives or the Little Big Disk.
It is probably not the best time to be calling a $180 "LaCie Firewire Drive "cheap," unless that means you are making an offer on mine as I doubt I can take it back, and I already have another new yet incompatible $190 Maxtor component firewire hard drive.

Where are the deeper details written? Must be buried on page two or three? It is not on the Superduper homepage where requirements are posted (quoted beneath.) It would very likely serve many others if precise details of which LaCie Firewire drives are problematic, posted on page one of the deeply detailed homepage, where the "requirements" are listed The only warning that stood out to me under "requirements" is that one should not to buy a USB hard drive

From the superduper homepage:

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (including 10.4 "Tiger")

Please note that SuperDuper! is not designed to back up to CDs, DVDs or Tape, and needs a location (other than the boot volume) to store the backup - typically a volume on an internal or external (FireWire) drive. Note also that USB drives do not allow booting Power PC based Macintoshes under any version of Mac OS X: this is not a SuperDuper! limitation, but one of the OS. If you would like to boot from a backup stored on an external drive, and have a Power PC based Mac, please purchase a Mac compatible FireWire drive.

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