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4 questions

(Not sure whether you'd prefer an email request for support, or a post here.)

Question 1:

How can I schedule a backup for the fifth Monday of a month? If I set up a schedule to back up to disk "A" every first and third Monday, and to disk "B" every second and fourth Monday, it seems nothing will happen on the fifth Monday. Since I'd like to always use "A" for the first and third, and "B" for the second and fourth, maybe I just need to skip a week, every time there is a 5th Monday? That doesn't sound right. (Is there no way to back up, say, on the first and 15th of every month?) Something I read in the forum seemed to suggest I could just back up "every Monday," but the scheduler makes me pick a week along with the day.

Question 2:

If a backup disk is not plugged in at the time a backup is scheduled, will the backup start automatically as soon as the required backup disk is plugged in, maybe days later? (And if TWO backups have been missed because of the disk not plugged in, it will do only one backup to get up to date, whenever the disk is finally plugged in?)

Note: I saw the forum discussion saying no skipped event would occur if the computer was off at the scheduled time. Am I correct the same would apply, if the computer was on, but the needed disk was not present?

Question 3: NOTE: After reading the forum, I think I can answer this question (following). Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

Am I "defragmenting" my hard drive every time I erase it and then restore a backup to it, no matter how fragmented what's being backed up is? [yes] Or are all the files laid down on the freshly erased drive in fragmented pieces, just as they appear on the cluttered disk being copied from? [No]

Question 4:

I searched on the word "synchronize" in Help, and did not find a way to synchronize my laptop and desktop computers. Do I have to purchase someone else's product to do that?

Many thanks.
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