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Same issue as CCC...

...but may I say I really like your UI better?

Anyway, I'm booted from a firewire drive with 2 partitions, one for the OS and the other to store image files. The boot OS on the firewire drive is 10.3.4, the machine I'm attached to is a G5. I want to make an image from the contents of the G5's hard drive, and the target is the 2nd partition of the firewire drive (Lacie FW 800, 160GB, 2nd partition (target) is 130GB) is the error message from SD's log:

|11:48:08 AM|Info| dyld: asr Undefined symbols:
|11:48:08 AM|Info| asr undefined reference to _PMIdentModify expected to be defined in MediaKit
|11:48:08 AM|Error| ****FAILED****: result=34048 errno=1 (Operation not permitted)

Like I said, I got this same error using Carbon Copy Cloner (latest version)...what gives?
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