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What I meant about affecting my confidence in SuperDuper obviously wasn't clear. It wasn't meant as a slam to SuperDuper. On the contrary, I know it's not a SuperDuper-caused problem. SuperDuper makes an exact bootable clone of my hard drive/system. and until recently it worked flawlessly and I could open the VM on a restored system.

But, now the fall out from this Parallels' problem is I am making SuperDuper backups in which I have no confidence that if I must ever use them to restore my system I won't be able to access the Parallels' VM in the restored system. Being able to access the Windows' programs and data in my Parallels' VM is vital to my everyday work.

What could be happening in the backup/restore process to persuade Parallels that the memory in my restored system is not properly allocated? How can that be with the same system, the same memory, the same settings, and the same files? It's crazy, but nevertheless its very unsettling to me since I've come to rely heavily on the security SuperDuper has given me for over a year. I feel like a trapeze artist working without a safety net.
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