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First time user questions

I just downloaded SuperDuper, read the manual, and need some advice for my particular situation.

I do a fair amount of video editing, so I capture to 'external firewire HD1' and have been backing that up manually to 'external firewire HD2.' (Quite tedious and inefficient.)

So I'm looking forward to purchasing SuperDuper to take advantage of its SmartUpdate feature, but before doing so, I'd like to get clear on the backup method I need for my situation.


1. How do I make a clone of my internal HD so I have that recovery option in place, AND back that up to 'external HD 1,' which contains the original versions of my media files?

2. After getting the clone of the 'internal HD' onto external HD1, how do I back up 'external HD1' to 'external HD2' to give me a backup of my media files?

Hopefully this is clear, and I'd appreciate any tips you can give me to make this whole process more efficient - I'd sleep better knowing I have this essential process in place.

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