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Tiger to Leopard

I couldnít find anything that quite addressed this, so I hope youíll bear with me if I somehow just missed it.

Anyway, Iíve used Super Duper for about two years and itís always worked just fine. Now, Iíve upgraded my iMac (Intel) to Leopard from Tiger after first ensuring that my Tiger clone booted and worked fine. It did.

My question: Now that Iíve been on Leopard for about a week and all seems to be going well, I want to run my first Leopard back up to the same clone that currently has Tiger on it. Can I just run my smart clone as always and feel confident that itíll overwrite my previous Tiger clone and that afterward my clone will be Leopard bootable? (Thatís what Iíve done every other time I upgraded, but still, Iíve read so many horror stories about Leopard that Iím a little nervous.)

Anyway, I assume it would take a long time since so much has changed in the operating system itself, but I can live with that. (And no, Iím not using Time Machine and donít plan to.)

Thanks! With Leopard working well, Iím ready to get back into my routine back-up scheme using Super Duper. Any tips or advice appreciated.
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