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SD compressed images vs Disk Utility "convert" option

When SD is asked to create a read-only image, it is a two-step process. SD first makes a sparseimage, and then creates a second file with dmg extension which is the final, desired file.

There are times when I wish to save time by just making a sparseimage with SD and then at a later time want to save the space on the destination volume by creating a compressed dmg file.

There are two ways I can think of to do this:
  1. Mount the sparseimage, then use SD just as I would have from the original source. This will be a two step process again of creating a new sparseimage and then a dmg file
  2. Mount the sparseimage and then use Disk Utility's convert option to convert the sparseimage

I've done both, and when I tried #2 I noticed that Disk Utility did NOT create the intermediate sparseimage file. So, are these two processes different? Is one preferable to the other, either in efficiency (time) or some other factor?
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