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Couple of Restoring Questions. Pls advise asap

Quick query on a couple of concerns. I'm new to superduper, and just backed up my unibody macbook (to a external usb drive). The old unibody macbook had hd issues, and it was exchanged by apple for a new unibody macbook. I now intend to restore my backup to the new (unibody) macbook. If it works purrrfectly as others state that it will, I will be clicking on "purchase" and using superduper for weekly backups for the rest of my life.

Q1. I saw a couple of posts that stated that osx disk-utility restore worked better than booting into the external superduper's image and doing a restore into the internal hd. Is this true?

Q2. Dave (Nanian) stated in a thread from last month that the new internal hd should be properly partitioned (see quote below). I don't see this instruction anywhere in the guide, and other threads do not detail this either. Should I do this? I don't see the point of this. And if yes, pls detail how?

My new macbook is charging up now. I then intend to start up my new macbook, let it go through the whole leopard initial setup screens, and then once I'm in, I intend to do either (a) osx-disk-utility restore or (b) boot into external superduper and do an erase and restore into internal hd.

Pls advise asap. I need to use the new macbook at a presentation tomorrow. Thx in advance.

Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
See "Recovering from a disaster" in the User's Guide - basically, you're going to start up from the backup, properly partition the new drive for your Mac (remember to use the Partition tab in disk utility, and go into "Options" to choose the right partition type), then use "Backup - all files" to restore from the backup to the new drive.

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