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Ah, good question.

Let's see. Here's what I know.

When the incident happened, the screen was locked up. I was running off the system installed on the boot drive.

After the 2nd crash, I booted from an external drive, and tried to repair the internal drive.

Disk Utility could see the internal drive, now with a new name, but couldn't do anything with the internal drive. I believe I recall hearing some drive despair type sounds coming from the internal drive.

It of course be that that just happened to be the moment that drive died.

My memory is that I've had trouble before with the first backup of all the data. Not drive death, but repeated crashes.

I dunno. For some reason the manual transfer of files through the finder seems to work, but trying to do the same thing with SuperD has problems, during the original backup.

I don't recall having this problem with an incremental backup, which would involve far fewer files.

Any of this help?
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