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Smart update user files to pre-existing bootable volume = disaster!

I thought I'd be a smarty pants and use smart update to bring the user folders on my G4 laptop (in target mode) in sync with those on my Intel desktop by transferring user files only. Imagine my surprise when "backup - user files" went through the whole disk anyway. The OS 9 "System Folder" on the G4 is gone as is the Applications (OS 9) folder. Lots of OS X applications are gone too and the laptop won't boot anymore.

Apparently "backup - user files" means "delete everything throughout the entire destination volume that doesn't match the source, then copy new or modified files but ONLY in the User folder; leave the rest of the destination disk in an unstable state."

I have a very recent bootable SD backup of everything that was deleted so am congratulating myself on that. But is this really the proper and desired behavior for "backup - user files"? I'm struggling to imagine a scenario where this behavior would be useful.
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