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SD! can't automount unmounted internal disk(s) after system software update(s)

With yesterday's upgrade to OSX 10.6.7, a daily scheduled run of SuperDuper! failed this morning because the program did not successfully mount the internal backup disk (the disk is normally unmounted to conserve energy etc).

I know this because, when the backup disk is not mounted, SD! creates a folder named the same as the backup disk, within the folder /Volumes/ on the boot drive, and then proceeds to copy the whole of my startup disk into it. Sometimes I only discover this when SD! runs out of space on the startup disk.

This seems to happen every time that Apple upgrades the system software, for example from 10.6.6 to 10.6.7

The cure is fairly simple: I delete all my scheduled backups and then recreate them.

My question is: is there something that can be done in SD! to avoid recreating schedules every time there is a system software upgrade?
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