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Laptop Backup :: Unmount, Then Sleep option?

I have a MacBook Pro and would like to be able to queue a backup, close the lid, and when I return, disconnect the attached drive and have my computer already be sleeping, after the backup finishes. Is there a way I could have a "unmount, then sleep" option after copy that would accomplish this? Ideally it would also wake the computer up if it fell asleep during the backup (e.g. from closing the lid, etc), but then deliberately sleep the computer at the termination (for any reason) of the backup.

This would be very nice for me, as I often queue a backup just before bed, let the backup run, and then just grab the laptop on the way out the door in the morning. It would be much less hassle than having to log back in, manually eject the drive, and then sleep the laptop. Also it would save power and with the lid shut, there's less risk of a pet walking on the keyboard (or dust getting in it).

Right now, I have to shut the lid just enough to keep the system from sleeping, and hope the pets don't bump it, which they occasionally do. Quite frustrating.

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