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External Clone won't boot

OS X 10.12.5
I'm selling my iMac (2012 - 27" i7) Fusion Drive (all SSD)
Successfully copied HD to External backup (non-SSD). All green indicators.
Erase the SSD drive via Disk Utility on my Repair partition.

When I restarted the Mac holding the option key, the Clone did not appear, only the EFI boot.

Plugged in the external to my MacBook Pro (also 10.12.5). Clone HD shows up in my System Preferences>Startup Disk panel, however, when I chose that as my Startup Disk, it subsequently fails to boot, reverting instead to the MBP's startup disk. As an alternative, held down the option key on the restart. Only the MBP HD appears.

I have never had a problem booting from a SuperDuper cloned drive. Any suggestion about what else I can do. Thanks for the help.
2017 iMac 40 gb RAM; 2TB Fusion SSD (10.14.6)
MacBook Pro 15" 2.3ghz i7/ 16 gb RAM; 500GB SSD (11.1)

Western Digital My Passport Slim 1TB, USB 3.0 for MBP
Envoy Pro EX SSD - Thunderbolt 3 for iMac
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