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Auto mount external drive volume?

When doing a scheduled backup of my users folder to an external drive partition named backup, SD will start up, mount the partition backup, do its thing and then remove the backup partition from the desktop. When I look at the partition the next day, everything's there and backed up.

I have no settings saved in the "saved settings", but do see a file in the "scheduled copies", which I assume is the scheduled backup file.

If I create a save settings file, I see it in the appropriate place on the hd

When I open SD with the partition not mounted, I get the warning, "SD cannot find the target volume "backup".....please attach.....

If I cancel this warning, I load the saved settings, it still will not mount the backup partition, and need to mount it to proceed.

I just find it strange that a scheduled backup will mount and unmount the partition without a settings file and I can't get SD to mount the partition with an unscheduled use of SD with a settings file.

I guess it's a programming issue that is accomplished with scheduled copies.
Would be nice to have happen when SD is loaded though.
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