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Problem with sparseimage backup: LOSS OF DATA

I put a 300 GB ATA drive inside a PowerMac g4 and did a backup of the PowerMac's boot drive onto a sparseimage file on the 300 GB disk. I might have repeated the backup (with only changed files) a couple of times. I checked one time that the sparseimage would mount on the PowerMac G4.

Then, I took the 300 GB drive and put it into an external FireWire enclosure. My mac mini can now mount the 300 GB volume with no problem, but when I try to mount the sparseimage file, it fails with "no mountable file system found". Disk Utility reports an "invalid B-tree node size" and is unable to repair it because "the underlying task reported failure on exit".

DiskWarrior can re-create the directory, but cannot replace it. I think this is because it's a disk image.

So, I am stuck. This data was irreplaceable.

I thought that SuperDuper was reliable, and I was wrong. Using a sparseimage was probably a bad idea in the first place, as it cannot be easily repaired.

Any ideas?
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