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Thanks! + Questions

Thanks for this great software!
I tried SuperDuper! yesterday and am very impressed. Even easily found the extra helpful info on the FAQ about ignore * & .* too.
I have been using Synchronize Pro for a while now and am now feed up with it! I have recently had major problems backing up files to my iPod, software crashes & transfer speeds going from ~15MB/s to 0.2MB/s.
SuperDuper! is not showing signs of the issues the other did.

Just a couple of curious questions though...
1) After a backup of files to the iPod using SuperDuper! I notice its icon changes to a standard white removable drive icon rather than keeping the iPod icon.
2) I realise this maybe nothing to do with SuperDuper!, however any thoughts would be appreciated. I did a benchmark test on my iPod HD (3G 20GB) after a factory restore & got ~19MB/s for 2-10MB file transfers, then after a backup of files using SuperDuper! I did another benchmark test and it was down to ~10MB/s. Not as bad as Synchronize Pro but still a reduction.

Thanks again.
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