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Feature request: "Run scheduled backups NOW" option

It would be nice to be able to select one or more scheduled backups and then click a "Run selected backup(s) now" button.


There are many reasons why we might want to run certain backups at times other than scheduled. (Maybe a backup was skipped and we want to do it now instead of waiting until the next scheduled. Maybe we just did a huge amount of work and want that work backed up now instead of days later when the next backup is scheduled.

Since we often run several backups each time we back up (due to our data residing on multiple drives), we'd want to be able to highlight more than just one line in the list of scheduled backups, and then click the "Run selected backup(s) now" button.

That's the huge advantage of such a feature--saves us from having to set up several different backups just because we want to back up everything now instead of later. From time to time as needed.

Note: this seems (to me) such an obviously great enhancement that maybe it is already there and I missed it. If so, pls forgive me and point me to where it's written about.
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