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Script to run backup on mount

So I love SD, and it's actually made backups simple enough to where I ACTUALLY do them on a regular basis, but now that I have a new WD MyPassport drive (small, USB powered, perfect compliment to my MBP), I would like to automate the process even further to run right when I plug in the drive, and unmount the drive when its finished.

I don't plan on using this particular drive for anything else other than backups, so what I want to do is to find a script that starts SD and runs my regular backup when I plug in the drive, and at no other point. I don't tend to run my backups at the same time every day, and I don't keep this drive plugged in when it's not serving its purpose. Does anyone have an idea how I could script this, or is there a feature/script already out there that allows for this? Thanks in advance for all your help with this great product!
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