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Question regarding backing up to Image

Since I want encryption on my backup, I intend to create an update-able disk image as outlined in this FAQ entry: How do I update an image? That said, I have several questions regarding this method:

1. Will the resulting disk image be ASR compliant just like the image created by SuperDuper (by selecting "Disk Image" in the destination pop-up)?

2. In the User's Guide, the author mentioned on page 21 some "additional steps" when backing up to an image created by SuperDuper. Namely, it converts the image to read-only -- a process that requires 2X the disk space -- and mark it for fast restore. My question is, do these comments apply when I'm backing up to, or smart updating, a Disk Image I created myself? Or would the process for the latter be just like backing up to a hard disk, except it's it's to a disk image?

3. Is there an easy way to boot from the resulting image for verification without restoring the image to a HD?

4. What is the recommended way for restoring such an image?

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