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File Preventing Successful Backup

Hi all: SuperDuper seems like a great program. Kudos to you, Dave. However, when I first tried to back up my hard drive, a single jpeg image file always prevented successful execution. I am pasting the log entry below:

|07:08:54 AM|Info| WARNING: Source: /Users/michaelk/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Albums/New Infiniti/New Car!.jpg, lstat(): 0
|07:08:54 AM|Info| WARNING: Target: /Volumes/ABS-1/Users/michaelk/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Albums/New Infiniti/New Car!.jpg, lstat(): -1
|07:08:54 AM|Info| WARNING: Could not copy file with Cocoa frameworks. Attempting to copy with ditto.
|07:08:54 AM|Error| ditto: can't get real path for source

I subsequently trashed the file, and its presence in the trash also prevented successful backup. I literally had to purge the file entirely. Can you tell from this log file what the problem was with this file? Will SuperDuper always abort backup if it finds just a single file that it doesn't like?

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