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Okay I am glad it should work in priciple. Well the problem happened on when trying to boot a copy of one of the new ibooks, but I'll keep in mind that the old world machines might not work.

Drive enclosure is Firewire, yes. Don't know about the bridge, though --- not in specs. Does have 80 wire ribbon.

The one funny thing is that the enclosure is ATA 133 and the drive is ATA 100. The enclosure company swore to me that this was fine but... I don't know enough to decide.

Any idea on why the boot didn't take originally? I can swap out into a Macally enclosure to try to isolate the problem.... can I make the drive come back? Is zorchedness permanent?

Originally Posted by dnanian
It's just fine to make bootable copies to separate partitions. But, I honestly don't know much about Old World machines: they often have their own special boot requirements, restrictions on where the OS can be, and the like... and aren't officially supported for Tiger.

It certainly sounds like the drive is zorched, though. "Ultra" brand ATA? Is it FireWire? Oxford Bridge?
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