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Multiple sources and ownership


you've suggested before/users have confirmed that multiple source volumes can live/be bootable on multiple partitions on a single target (FW)HD.

what happens to ownership in this case? (OSX all 1039 and above)

my understanding is that the first used target volume takes on the ownership properties of the first-run source, but that subsequent target partitions get the "Ignore privileges on this volume" flag checked automatically by the OS… with SD possibly cloning then to an incorrectly(?) flagged volume. [edit: here source is not the same one used to format/partition the external target HD]

does/can SD remove this flag during initial all-file backups at each different source/target pairing? if not, should it be manually unchecked prior to running SD? does it matter?

similar issue regards Sandbox volumes of course. tks for any insight on this. (sorry, i'm not up on the details of the vsdbutil command in this case)


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