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Question about exluding a directory in script


I am aware of most of the methods of creating a backup on a disk that already has files on it. Too bad I cannot partition it while I can't copy some large files to another volume, and I want to boot from this FireWire disk.

Please advise: I'm thinking on creating a single directory, let's call it STORAGE, on the target disk. I want to copy everything using the "smart update" option, but leave STORAGE untouched. ALL other files will be located in that directory that should never be deleted.

Now, if defining a new script, I will first tell the program to copy the whole volume (system HD) but *exclude* STORAGE directory from just the target volume, will that directory be skipped (not deleted) from the target disk?

Or, should I create an empty (hidden?) folder called STORAGE on my source volume and define a script line telling SD! to skip it? Will this work at all?

I could not find the answer anywhere or I didn't know how to ask the question... THANKS in advance for any suggestions. I need a sure-fire answer, while I cannot afford an unsuccessfull experiment

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