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Question Swapping Multiple Off-Site External Drives

I have two pairs of external drives attached to my Mac. For each pair, one of the drives is a backup. In addition to these four drives, I keep one backup drive off-site for EACH of the pairs. So there are a total of 6 drives, with 3 having synched content, and another 3 have their own synched content.

Each of the six drives has a unique name.

I plan to create scheduled SmartUpdate backups of the drives, plus a scheduled backup for the drives that are rotated off-site weekly.

Will SD simply ignore the backup scripts for the drives that are NOT attached? My concern is that SD might get confused and do something it shouldn't!

I hope my background info and question make sense! If it helps, following are how the scheduled backups will be set up (the actual drive names are indicated):

>> Copy Lacie Disk 1 to Lacie Disk 2
>> Copy Lacie Disk 1 to Lacie Disk 3
(Either Lacie Disk 2 or Lacie Disk 3 will be taken off-site each week)

Copy Lacie Disk 2-1 to Lacie Disk 2-2
Copy Lacie Disk 2-1 to Lacie Disk 2-3
(Either Lacie Disk 2-2 or Lacie Disk 2-3 will be taken off-site week)

Thank you in advance for your response.

P.S. I *love* SuperDuper!
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