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Hey, SuperDuper's been working great for me since my last post, but now I've got a new problem. I'll bet this has already been discussed somewhere, so just link me to the right thread if appropriate. I did search briefly but couldn't find an obvious thread title.

I've been running backups about once a week or so, and the last time I got ready to run SuperDuper was yesterday. For the first time, I got the message saying an upgraded version was available, so I went ahead and accepted the download process and I think got just past where it has me put my Mac password in to allow it to perform the install.

Only a few seconds into it, the install failed ... it mentioned some kind of problem with some kind of file (yeah, I know this is sketchy information and if necessary I'll try to recreate it and provide more information but I suspect this is a known problem that I'm not alone with). So I gave up on the installation and tried to just run SuperDuper without upgrading. Unfortunately now I can't do that either, as it keeps attempting to resume the upgrade process (and failing) when I try to launch.

What can I do to get Superduper running again? Should I uninstall and then download SuperDuper from scratch? I'm sure I do have a record of my registration number so at least shouldn't have to worry about that! )

Other than the new problem, all of my information is as previously discussed in this thread; still using the same Tiger system, still using FileVault, still attempting to launch SuperDuper from a separate non-filevaulted account with admin privileges on the computer. Is the new version ONLY compatible with Leopard and is that why it doesn't work? If so is there a way for me to re-download the old version?
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