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I have just bought SuperDuper! yesterday and I am using a NSLU2. In fact my goal is to store my backups on it as anybody would use a NAS for...

My NLSU2 is upgraded to the unofficial uNSLUng firmware which actually brings many enhancements but the default filesystem is ext3 even with stock firmware. The NSLU2 is somehow slow but it is yet usable and very affordable.

You must just be aware that it is 10/100 MBps only, no Gigabit so huge amount of data can take ages to push or be pulled.

Your option of 1st backup using the drive attached to your Mac through USB is not possible as the drive HAS to be formatted ext3 to work on the NSLU2 and you Mac won't read or write it reliably as far as I know.

Hope that helps.

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