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restoring apps

i'm about to buy superduper after having done a test run on my old g4.

i did a back up and clean install of tiger and then copied over settings and apps from the backup with no problem. a couple of questions before i buy the full version and do my laptop and g5...

i use my g5 for work - as in video editing. when i upgrade my g5 to tiger i will want to re-install some of my pro-apps from scratch as has been recommended by scores of people in the biz. on the other hand, there are a tons of apps that i want to just bring over as well as my settings...etc from the clone/backup drive.

is there a way to copy over - from a backup - specific apps only once tiger is installed?

oh yeah - and does his general 'method' of upgrade even that smart? it's just that MANY editors insist that the best way to upgrade to tiger with the least amount of issues with the pro apps is to fresh install the OS AND the apps.

thank you all!
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