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Cannot see SD partition as startup disk


I have been backing up my MB Pro HDD using SuperDuper for a while now and have successfully booted from that partition. I upgraded to Leopard a few days ago and am experiencing too many issues so thought I would restore to my SuperDuper partition with the previous version of OS X, however I cannot see that disk as a Startup Disk in the System Prefs.

It was there (even after installing Leopard) and I can see the disk itself from the OS and open and explore it - just seems that it's not recognised as bootable. I had to force reboot (power off) my laptop quite a few times this morning - not sure if that had something to do with it.

I have run a verify on all disks. The odd thing is, in Disk Util, it seems bootable drives allow you to 'Verify Disk Permissions' while non-bootable ones only allow 'Verify Disk' - my SuperDuper partition allows 'Verify Disk Permissions' which would suggest it is bootable.

Can anyone advise how I can boot from this partiion please?

Many thanks

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