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Thanks Dave
What I think may be best is to resurrect my 4 week old Retrospect backup set. That was before I got SuperDuper. Then I can drag & drop whatever important files were created in the interim.
I'm at a loss as to what happened. I've got over 50 GB on "backup" (I think it should have been about 10 GB more) so I would think the stuff was moving over ok. The old HD might have gotten totally screwed up and that was what I was copying over, I don't know. Just this AM before I brought my old computer to Apple. I pulled up Itunes for some info and there were absolutely no files there and I have over 9,000. It appeared that most of the files were in their place on the HD but the connection to Itunes seemed to be lost. Some strange things seemed to happen with that drive/computer.

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