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Scheduled backup under fast user switching

I have a PowerBook that my wife and I share. I have it set to wake at 1:25 every morning, and I have a rotating schedule of backups to an external drive set to launch at 1:30. If my wife happens to have been the last user when we go to bed, the backup will fail. This leads to two questions.

The first question/suggestion has to do with running in the background. In the specific case of a scheduled backup that quits or sleeps the computer when it's done, it's not clear to me why SD! needs to run the user interface. Would it not be possible to detect that it's in the background and run such a restricted job faceless if it is?

The second, in the short term, is about workarounds for this. Should I schedule backups from both users and let one of them fail? This certainly seems inelegant, but would it work? Are there better solutions, perhaps involving scripting, either shell or AppleScript?

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