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Copy of email JUST sent to SD!

I Just sent an email to Dave... I forgot to use the Forum!

Hello: I have an iMac 24" 2.8GHZ system w/ 10.5.8. I have an update for Snow Leo, !0.6.
And, I DID update to the latest SD! v2.6 today!

1) Is it a good idea to install the SandBox partition on a separate drive than the Start-up?
I have an external G-Tech drive (FW 800) with lots of space for a SandBox Partition.
3 I will clone my current Leo onto a B/U vol on the external drive.
Then make the Sandbox w/Leo using ..."shared users and applications".
4) Finally, install my Snow Leo update onto the SandBox vol?
If so, do I use the install option: "archive..etc."?

Thanks in advance...
Jim B
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