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Thanks Dave, pretty fast response for a Sunday evening

I understand when you do a partition it also formats, I was under the assumption when first starting up the LaCie you are asked to pick a format type (could be wrong though).

Understood on the DVD Install...use the DVD for DU instead of a copy on the external HD.

If the external HD is one volume (no partitions) is it ok to have the bootable internal HD clone and the file storage all on the same single volume?

I should've stated one External FW Disk partitioned into separated volumes one, two and three ...sorry. I thought the bootable clone had to be partitioned by itself.

I hear ya, have copies of data on CD's, Flash Drives etc... would like to consolidate to only a couple sources and have the capability of restoring everything at once instead of loading and updating for hours on end. I have nothing backed up on the internal HD. I'm also running VMware/XP for the sole purpose of Win Quicken

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