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OK. Tried every combination of everything that I could think of last night and this morning and when I boot off of a cloned copy (erase and copy everything) to this new hard drive I get a .h file set in my Login Items (today it's richtextbuffer.h) and Xcode starting up so I can edit it. There is some funny business with the Airport too (like the system being copied with the Airport off, but the copy booting up with the Airport turned on), but I couldn't check things like the Ethernet addresses/DHCP settings changing at home.

I tried booting up on a backup that was about 2 weeks old and it went file. Then I SmartUpdated it and booted up on it and everything was still fine, and many other things.

It seems like it is only when this new disk drive is involved that things get funny.

I'm ready to do a clean install of everything unless there is something you'd like me to try. It's probably time to do a clean install anyway with the way Apple is acting more like Microsoft every day
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