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Question Backup strategy questions

OK, I'm a newbie to SuperDuper but not to Macs & computers.

Do I understand Safety Clone to copy all of a HD except the Users, which when booted shares the User stuff on the primary volume. Any updates then get installed on the Safety Clone to check operation, then re-installed on the primary volume if the Safety Clone runs OK?

I understand how a Safety Clone would allow testing while keeping the primary system untouched. However, if the User data gets corrupted/damaged from the updates, then it seems the only recourse is to then do a full restore from a cloned copy. Is this how it should work?

How long do you usually run a Safety Clone before switching back to the primary volume?

So, for maximum protection, one should have a current cloned copy at all times, make a Safety Clone on a different partition before installing updates, and also have a third partition for archiving changed (old) User Document files, in case the clone gets corrupted as well as the source?

I'm now trying to figure out how to find or define the archiving function & how to easily present all of it for simple or automatic operation by non-computer literate family & friends.
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