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OS X Server clone and password issues

Hi, I am trying to work out the best way to create disk images of my servers.

So I have created non compressed Read Only disk image of my main Open Directory Master server to a remote volume. I copied the disk image to a Firewire drive.

I then booted a different tower G4 from an OS X 10.4 DVD, connected th FW drive with the disc image, opened Disk Utility and restored the saved disk image to the new machine. This all went smoothly. Once the restore was finished, I rebooted the test clone server from its internal hard drive and it all started up fine. I left this new cloned machine off of the network as I did not want it to conflict with my OD master which was still up and running.

However the test clone does not recognise my admin password. Did I miss a step or do I need to do something differently. I'm guessing the problem was likely caused by Open Directory.
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