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Question Best process to replace internal hard drive using SuperDuper!?

Dave and SD! power users:

I have a PowerBook G4 running OSX 10.4.8 and SuperDuper! 2.1.3 and I want to replace my original 80GB internal hard drive with a new 160GB internal hard drive. I have an external FireWire drive with an 80GB partition for backups that I can use in the process. I reviewed previous posts on this topic and tried to outline all the steps I should take below. I would very much appreciate if you all would look the steps over and let me know if you think I should add, change or remove anything. Hopefully this thread will be helpful to SD! users who attempt hard drive upgrades in the future.

- format external FW hard drive
- run utilities on both original internal drive and external FW drive (?)
- - Apple Hardware Test?
- - Diskwarrior?
- - TechToolPro?
- - Media Scanner from Intech?
- - Other?
- use SD! to make bootable copy of original internal drive onto external FW drive
- test boot from external FW drive
- shut down PowerBook
- replace original 80 GB internal hard drive with new 160 GB internal hard drive using instructions from
- boot to external FW drive
- now running PB off of external FW drive, format newly installed, blank 160GB internal hard drive using Apple Disk Utility
- rename new internal hard drive with name of old internal hard drive
- run disk utilities on new hard drive to ensure it is good (?)
- - Media Scanner from Intech?
- - Apple Hardware Test?
- - Diskwarrior?
- - TechToolPro?
- - Other?
- use SD! to make bootable copy of external FW drive onto new internal hard drive
- shut down PB
- disconnect firewire drive
- reboot from new internal drive
- test to make sure things work
- - best way to test??
- rename new internal drive to its own name
- - old drive was called PB80-MAIN-EM and new should be called PB160-MAIN-EM

Thank you,
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