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Harris --

Thanks for getting in touch!

The first problem -- altering the script -- is something we've got to change & document better. Sorry that our omission led you to go down the wrong path.

The recommended way to do this alteration is to actually create your own script, include the "Safety Clone - ..." script, and then add your command in. That'll allow us to modify the Safety Clone script as needed in future updates, while still allowing you to make modifications.

In this case, you'd add a command to "Ignore .Trashes", just like you did, but in this custom script. That will override anything done in the included script, and your .Trashes will be ignored.

The second problem is a bit more difficult to diagnose, but sounds as if the disk itself was full. Is that possible?

It might be a bit easier to diagnose this "off-board": feel free to send your entire log to, and I'll take a look at it and see if there's anything else I can discover.

--Dave Nanian
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