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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
sjk's right here - you'd have to run a shell script, in the background, to do it. Something along the lines of:

nohup /bin/bash -c "sleep 30; diskutil eject /some/volume" &
I created a text files with the script as discribed, but it results in an error:

| 09:51:36 PM | Info | ...ACTION: Running shell script eject Drobo2
| 09:51:36 PM | Info | ......COMMAND => Invoking After Copy shell script: /Users/garysumlak/Documents/!Shell Scripts/eject Drobo2
| 09:51:36 PM | Error | sh: /Users/garysumlak/Documents/!Shell Scripts/eject Drobo2: Permission denied
| 09:51:36 PM | Error | ****FAILED****: result=32256 errno=0 (Unknown error: 0)
I am thinking I have to use SUDO, but have no idea how to do this.


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